Areas of Practice and Services


In Diké Abogados we work closely with our clients, we strive to understand their business and anticipate their needs, we analyze the relevant aspects of the environment in which they operate and provide our advice in a way that leads to practical results.

We recognize the need of our clients to optimize their costs regarding legal services, so we seek to achieve an adequate cost-benefit ratio through teamwork, always with a service attitude where both parties obtain the best conditions at the lowest cost, adding to the quality of service expected.



  • Individual
  • Collective
  • Social Security


  • Corporate
  • Corporate
  • Intellectual property


  • Constitutional
  • Civil
  • Trade

También brindamos el servicio en áreas:


Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge necessary to build and develop any business, to expand businesses advice and support larger transactions, and reduce commercial risks. We provide services for setting up all kinds of corporations, labor, agricultural and civil, negotiating and drafting contracts, legal audits, corporate reorganizations, mergers, spin-offs. acquisitions, stock and asset sales, public offerings, strategic partnerships and joint ventures, corporate control schemes in companies, economic competition, prevent monopolistic practices and concentrations, administrative, challenge and foreign investment.

a) Intellectual Property.
Diké lawyers do understand the high value of brands and investment in research for business, so we provide high quality services in registration of trademarks, logos and trade names; we provide advice on the protection of trade secrets and conclusion of agreements of confidentiality and non competition; we have a wide experience in high-value transactions and transfer of franchises; we handle administrative procedures, cancellation, revocation, infringement and crimes; copyright, international treaties and conventions.

b) Immigration.
In response to globalization that is currently immersed in business, we support companies in processing and obtaining advice as well as renewal of business,visas for research, student, labor, temporary or permanent, processing and management of extensions and endorsements of immigration documents, obtaining permits for marriage, temporary admissions, filing notices of change of address, marital status, changes in activity, change of employer, dismissal foreign workers, care and monitoring of processes of nationalization and legal residence in Mexican territory.

c) Administrative. Within the area of administrative law, our professionals provide services in the field of health regulations; we negotiate and obtain authorizations, permits, land uses and licensing before all kinds of authorities We also conduct administrative proceedings and claims before the Profeco and Condusef, as well as appeals against decisions of various authorities.

d) Para- legal.
In support to the businesses and in order for companies to devote their efforts to achieve their goals, we take over all kinds of legal procedures and paralegals to the various government agencies such as: IMSS, Infonavit, the Public Property Registry and Commerce, Federal Treasury, State and Municipal,Treasuries, Foreign Investments, Economy, Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Welfare, Finance and Public Credit, Environmental authorithy, SEMARNAT, among others.

Our labour law practice covers the full spectrum of employment relations we are experts in the development of labor audits, implementation of workplace policies on prevention, consulting, negotiation, reviewing and preparation of individual contracts and collective bargaining, negotiation with unions, negotiating with labor authorities; recommendation and development of internal regulation ; advice on dismissals and negotiations with workers, voluntary resignations and agreements out of court, trials for procedural care conflicts among others for the Defence of work; advocacy in labor lawsuits; outsourcing; proceedings before the IMSS and INFONAVIT and before various administrative-labor authorities; general advice on social security.

Our team in the field of civil and commercial litigation gives assistance with professionalism and honesty attending trials from breach and termination of contracts; property leasing; special mortgage; volunteer and necessary divorces; alimony; guardianship; correction of records; intestate; succession; appropriations; adoption; medical malpractice; Adverse Possession (prescription), among others.

Attend trials in the commercial recovery of nonperforming loans, either through enforcement in commercial matters, for debts with promissory notes, checks, bills, invoices, or in ordinary commercial matters; drafting and reviewing commercial contracts; bankruptcy procedures and suspension of payments; obtaining breaks and / or acts of default, special commercial trials, trusts etc.

In order to ensure proper protection of individual guarantees of our clients before the authority, we have a specialized area in direct and indirect matters, appeals, acts or omissions of the authorities or for violations to procedure within the trial, as well as transgressions of the fundamental rights of individuals.

We offer our clients services with respect legal advice on tax, social security and tax litigation. Assisting our client to negotiate, document and structure commercial transactions as well as manage the tax aspects of these transactions; we give support on tax audits and audit procedures of both federal and local authorities.

Regarding the area of tax litigation, our attorneys have extensive experience in challenge of tax credits; settlement bonds for worker-employer contributions imposed by the IMSS; identification cards and default on repayment of housing fund contribution; Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection resolutions; fines imposed by any administrative authority such as PROFECO, STPS, SAT, IMSS, STATE OR FEDERAL TREASURY; contestation and guidance for the determination of credits and grade increases risk of IMSS, as well as result of foreign trade operations.

Specialists in these areas are also responsible for drawing up the briefs and reviewing the most appropriate evidence to defend the interests of our clients at all stages of the procedure concerning tax rulings.

We support companies in the preparation, presentation and monitoring of complaints before the prosecutor during the preliminary investigation, fulfillment of arrest orders, and monitoring of the criminal process to its total conclusion, including the habeas corpus.

It should be noted that to provide complete advice to companies, we specialized in property infringements such as fraud, damage to property, theft, breach of trust and other offenses arising out of accidents or loss of company assets.

The law firm also provides legal support in case of accidents, thefts and traffic accidents committed by vehicles owned by our customers.