Dike Lawyers was founded in 1992, during which time it has been standing along side its clients when helping them make their business objetives a reality. It has established itself as an excellent alternative in the provision of services, advice and legal procedures, in order to prevent, and save money for our clients.

During these years of experience, Diké has established multiple strategic alliances with various law firms throughout Mexico and the United States to provide its customers with effective and timely service anywhere in the National territory American Union and some European countries.

Although the origins of the legacy go all the way to the beginning of humanity, however, the Greeks were who first meditated on its essence, including its genesis in mythology.

The poet Homer says that Zeus, king of Gods at Olympus and the God of Heaven and Thunder, conceived, along with Themis, Goddess of Earth, among others, three Goddesses:

Eunomia  Representing the good order
DIKÉ Responsible for Justice restoring
Eirene Representative of peace

It is said that in land ruled good order, that is, Eunomia, when it was broken the Goddess Diké should intervene, she was the agent or carrier of duty from Olympus to earth, whose mission was to bring peace back to place, that is Eirene and that once harmony and well-being prevailed, everything would return to the hands of Eunomia.

Dike was forced to face three oponents and fight them for the benefit of her responsibility.

Eris  Who subverts the order and corrupts it.
Bïa   The force who confronts law
Hybris Incontinence that exceeds the limits of law, transforming  just to unjust

As per the mythology, all this was carried out on a platform or arena called DIKAION, a space for restoring the common wealth.



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