Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge necessary to build and develop any business, to expand businesses advice and support larger transactions, and reduce commercial risks. We provide services for setting up all kinds of corporations, labor, agricultural and civil, negotiating and drafting contracts, legal audits, corporate reorganizations, mergers, spin-offs. acquisitions, stock and asset sales, public offerings, strategic partnerships and joint ventures,  corporate control schemes in companies, economic competition, prevent monopolistic practices and concentrations, administrative, challenge and foreign investment.

a) Intellectual Property.
Diké lawyers do understand the high value of brands and investment in research for business, so we provide high quality services in registration of trademarks, logos and trade names; we provide advice on the protection of trade secrets and conclusion of agreements of confidentiality and non competition;  we have a wide experience in high-value transactions and transfer of franchises; we handle administrative procedures, cancellation, revocation,  infringement and crimes; copyright, international treaties and conventions.

b) Immigration.
In response to globalization that is currently immersed in business, we support companies in processing and obtaining advice as well as renewal of business,visas for research, student, labor, temporary or permanent, processing and management of extensions and endorsements of immigration documents, obtaining permits for marriage, temporary admissions, filing notices of change of address, marital status, changes in activity, change of employer, dismissal foreign workers, care and monitoring of processes of nationalization and legal residence in Mexican territory.

c) Administrative.
Within the area of administrative law, our professionals provide services in the field of health regulations; we negotiate and obtain authorizations, permits, land uses and licensing before all kinds of authorities
We also conduct administrative proceedings and claims before the Profeco and Condusef, as well as appeals against decisions of various authorities.

d ) Para- legal
In support to the businesses and in order for companies to devote their efforts to achieve their goals, we take over all kinds of legal procedures and paralegals to the various government agencies such as: IMSS, Infonavit, the Public Property Registry and Commerce, Federal Treasury, State and Municipal,Treasuries, Foreign Investments, Economy, Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Welfare, Finance and Public Credit, Environmental authorithy, SEMARNAT, among others.



:: Suprema Corte de Justicia de la    Nación
:: Cámara de Diputados del     Honorable Congreso de la Unión
:: Sistema de Administración    Tributaria
:: Secretaría de Gobernación
:: Banco de México
:: Tribunal Federal de Justicia Fiscal    y Administrativa
:: Comisión Nacional de los     Derechos Humanos
:: Junta Federal de Conciliación y    Arbitraje
:: Junta Local de Conciliación y    Arbitraje
:: Tribunal Federal de Conciliación
   y Arbitraje